Trio Wanderer  

Jean-Marc Phillips-Varjabédian violin
Raphaël Pidoux cello
Vincent Coq piano

The story of three students who established one of the most highly reputed chamber groups.

Trio Wanderer - DR


Beethoven Variations Kakadu for piano, violin and cello op. 121a
Chostakovitch Trio for pour piano, violin and cello No. 2 op. 67
Brahms Trio No. 1 for piano, violin and cello op. 8

Approximate running time
1st part: 50mn - Intermission: 20mn - 2nd part: 30mn

It all began thirty years ago when three students met at conservatoire and decided to make music together. Nothing unusual so far. But today the Trio is centre stage. Winner of some of the most prestigious awards – including three Victoires de la musique classique – with a wealth of recordings to its name and a teeming repertoire, the Wanderer Trio remains a paragon of longevity and cohesion. This close rapport and track record form the basis of their acclaimed commitment to excellence.

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