Le LAAC en scène(s)

4th Edition 

The fourth LAAC en scène(s) event – a season of classes, workshops and performances is brought to the stage.

LAAC © Betelgejze/Sergey Khakimullin


Le LAAC fait son cinéma

Nicholas Albert Khan assistant artistic director

L’Atelier d’Art Chorégraphique
Royal Swedish Ballet School
Vocal Ensemble, musicians and dancers from Lycée Jean La Fontaine    

With the participation of the International Academy György Ligeti
Jacques Saint-Yves direction    

Approximate running time
1st part: 40mn - Intermission: 25mn - 2nd part: 35mn


For its fourth consecutive season, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées is supporting LAAC – L’Atelier d’Art Chorégraphique – in its dance education and transmission work. 

Inspired by memorable moments in movie history, the young artists are excited to turn on the projectors and showcase a magical evening of dance! 
Join us in this unique celebration, sharing the stage with the Royal Swedish Ballet School, the choir and dancers from Lycée Jean La Fontaine, the choreographic artists of LAAC, the orchestra Académie Internationale, the musicians of LAAC and much much more. 
Short films, tributes to the greatest moments of cinema, dance, music, energy, the LAAC en scène(s) - 4th edition promises to be a surprising firework, joyful and moving.

Production Théâtre des Champs-Elysées


Le LAAC en scène(s) Le LAAC fait son cinéma

Le LAAC en scène(s) Le LAAC fait son cinéma

Le LAAC en scène(s) Le LAAC fait son cinéma

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