Orchestre Lamoureux

Darrell Ang  direction
Marie Vermeulin  piano
Julie Depardieu narrator

Pianist Marie Vermeulin pays tribute to the passion and musical chemistry which bound Robert and Clara Schumann together.

Darrell Ang - DR, Marie Vermeulin © Jean-Baptiste Millot
Julie Depardieu - DR


Robert Schumann Genoveva, overture op. 81
Clara Schumann Piano Concerto No. 2 op. 7
Brahms Symphony No. 2 op. 73
Between each piece : excerpt from the correspondence between Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Brahms 

A 4pm, 30 mn meeting with Darrell Ang
Free entrance with the concert ticket 

Clara Schumann’s life was one of passion and sacrifice. When Clara Wieck met Robert Schumann for the first time in Leipzig, she was eight years old, and he was seventeen. He had come to take piano lessons from her father, the famous teacher Friedrich Wieck, who trained his daughter Clara to be a virtuoso public performer from the age of ten. As the years passed, they both composed, performed across Europe, and became famous. In reality, the two lovers and musicians composed their melodies while dreaming of each other, bound together by an ineffable chemistry. In their married life, Clara scaled back her artistic career to devote herself to her dearly beloved husband and above all to their eight children. When Robert Schumann succumbed to illness, Clara set music aside. She nevertheless remains one of the great pianists of her time, and her works are suffused with this love which remained evergreen.

Production Orchestre Lamoureux


Orchestre Lamoureux Julie Depardieu

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