Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Antonio Mendez  direction
François Leleux  oboe

One of the great modern concertos inspired by the classical form and the unusual rhythms of Schumann

Antonio Mendez - DR
François Leleux © Uwe Arens


Mendelssohn Ruy Blas, overture op. 95
Strauss Concerto for oboe
Schumann Symphony No. 2 op. 61

In his twilight years, Richard Strauss accepted a commission from American oboe player John de Lancie, and produced one of the last great concertos inspired by the classical form. The score is renowned for its difficulty, notably in terms of sustained breathing. Oboist François Leleux, a frequent performer with the orchestra is sure to captivate us with his musicality. “I have had many a sleepless night meditating on it,” said Schumann about the composition of his Symphony no.2. This strikingly original work has huge dynamic passages abruptly interrupted by astounding silences. Mendelssohn, who was dissatisfied with the composition of his overture to Ruy Blas rather than merely weary of it, complained about Victor Hugo’s tragedy: “I have read the play and it is awful beyond belief.” However, he composed this piece of music of tragic grandeur which is nevertheless very beautiful, as if to rise to the challenge.

Production Orchestre de chambre de Paris

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