Orchestre de chambre de Paris

Lars Vogt  direction and piano

“Con brio” composition from Beethoven to contemporary composer Jörg Widman

Lars Vogt © Giorgia Bertazzi


Widmann Con brio
Schumann Piano Concerto op. 54
Beethoven Symphony No. 4 op. 60

Approximate running time
1st part: 50mn - Intermission: 20mn - 2nd part: 40mn

“Con brio” is one of Beethoven’s most frequently used directions and has been adopted by Jörg Widmann, who could not resist the temptation of citing a few bars from the symphonies of his illustrious predecessor in an overture brimming with life. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 4 is informed by the most striking contrasts and the most unrestrained virtuosity. The writing creates the impression of a seething soundscape and an orchestra about to implode. This type of writing breaks free from the conventions of the past, as does Schumann’s piano concerto conducted from the keyboard by Lars Vogt. The composer was under no illusion about his work, tentatively describing it as “somewhere between the concerto, symphony and grand sonata”. The German pianist and conductor is very familiar with this piece as he has recorded it under the baton of Sir Simon Rattle.

Production Orchestre de chambre de Paris

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