Javier Perianes  piano

A Spanish grandee brings a spirit of the conquistador to his immersion in De Falla in their original form.

Javier Perianes - DR


Chopin Nocturnes op. 48, Sonata No. 3 op. 58
De Falla Quatre Pièces espagnoles
Le Tricorne

Who is Perianes? An untamed beast on the prowl. Expect him to destroy every preconception you might have about Chopin’s Nocturnes and to bring a totally fresh light, great consideration, and rage to the Third Sonata! Perianes plays De Falla with a sort of feverish haste mingled with panache and insolence. A shimmering world without curve or nuance springs from beneath his fingers, not to mention swerves and fits of rage in the Spanish style! In this repertoire, Perianes takes us by the scruff of the neck and does not loosen his grip. The pleasure he offers his listeners is merely a reflection of the secret enjoyment he derives from playing.

  Atelier Jeune Public Comme au cinéma

Unnumbered seating
Under 9 : Free ticket to collect at the control desk on the morning of the concert
Coréalisation Jeanine Roze Production / Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

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