Philippe Jaroussky  counter-tenor

Ensemble Artaserse

That most popular of counter-tenors Philippe Jaroussky returns to his first love with Cavalli.

Philippe Jaroussky © SimonFowler


Cavalli Ercole, prologue
Aria « Ombra mai fu » (Serse)
Aria « Corone ed Honori » (Ciro)
Ercole, Sinfonia - Lamento « Negatemi respiri » (Ciro)
Recitative and aria « Perfida dove fuggi? », « Amor, ti giuro Amor » (Erismena) - Eliogabalo, Sinfonia
Recitative and aria « Erme e solinghe Cime », « Lucidissima face » (Calisto) - Doriclea Sinfonia
Aria « che città » (Ormindo)
Orione Sinfonia - Recitative and aria (extrait de Erismena)
Aria « Delizie contenti che l’alme béate » (Giasone)
Aria «Questo è un gran caso » (Ipermestra)
Sinfonia - Lamento Apollo  (Dafne)
Il Giasone,
Recitative and aria « il diletto interrotto », « Desia la verginella » (La Virtu De’ Strali D’amore)
Aria « La belleza è un don fugace » (Xerxes)
Recitative and Lamento « Io resto solo ? », « Misero, cosi va? » (Eliogabalo) 
Biagio Marini Passacaglia 
Cavalli Aria « All’armi » (Statira) 

Approximate running time
1st part: 40mn - Intermission : 20mn - 2nd part: 40mn

With his crystal-clear timbre and supple, agile voice, Philippe Jaroussky is the quintessential tenor of his generation. His flawless technical mastery and disarming facility allow him to tackle the boldest and most risk-laden nuances in the most extreme repertoire, including Handel and Kaija Saariaho recently. He is increasingly drawn to the opera stage, but continues to perform in the more intimate recital environment with the Ensemble Artaserse, his close musical associates for many years. His new programme is built around the "Seicento", a period in which the two geniuses Claudio Monteverdi and Francesco Cavalli reigned supreme. The latter’s famous lamenti will find in the counter-tenor’s performance all the weightlessness of suspended time they require. The melodic imagination and unusual sense of drama of these great names in the early repertoire will certainly be in evidence this evening.

Production Théâtre des Champs-Elysées
Ce concert fait l’objet d’une captation télévisuelle réalisée par Benjamin Bleton, en Association avec le Théâtre des Champs Elysées, produite par Karl More Productions, avec la participation de TF1 et le soutien du CNC.


Philippe Jaroussky Cavalli

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