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The Théâtre des Champs-Élysées is one of the most elegant performance ven- ues in Paris. Designed in 1913 by a group of artists (Henry Van de Velde, the Perret brothers, Antoine Bourdelle, Maurice Denis), it was the first Parisian theatre to be entirely built of reinforced concrete, and has perpetuated for the past century a tradition of eclectic programmes of a high standard (opera, recitals, orchestral concerts, dance). Its opening is still vividly remembered for the ‘scandal’ of the premiere of Le Sacre du Printemps, whose impact on the public derived as much from Stravinsky’s music as from Nijinsky’s choreography. The artistic adventure of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées has been distinguished by the presence, for over one hundred years now, of the most prestigious creative figures in the history of music, opera and dance.

« les chroniques du Theatre des champs-elysees » collection

The aim of the “Chroniques” collection is to explore current programming throughout the season in parallel with the history of the Théâtre by looking at an artist, work, repertoire or theme. Each issue comprises a text with a preface by prestigious writers in the field or performers, lavish illustrations, and a selection of audio archives in collaboration with Ina, the national audiovisual institute (accessed via QR codes).

  • L'autre Strauss / New
    A la conquête de la France
    60 pages - 10€
  • Le Roman du Théâtre 
    ou le rêve d'un Palais Philharmonique
    80 pages and 20mn of audio archives - 12€

  • Une histoire en affiches 
    Un siècle de musique, de ballet et de théâtre
    60 pages of 20mn video archives - 10€

  • Nijinsky 1913 
    L'année du Sacre
    60 pages and 20mn of audio archives - 10€

  • Francis Poulenc 
    L'enfant du chœur
    48 pages and 20mn of audio archives - 10€

“Chroniques” are on sale at the box office (10 € / 12 €), online or in a bookshop


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